Prakruthi Vanam-A farm by Mr.Prasad and Mr.Gunasekhar Reddy

I first came to know about Mr.Prasad when I read an article in Hindu newspaper a couple of years ago about his interest in protection of native breed cows.

Though I was away from India at that time my enthusiasm to speak with him and learn something about organic farming made call him on that particular day itself. Mr.Prasad was very humble and he invited me to visit his farm,he added me to his Google mailing list(through which I get very informative mails every week) and he even introduced me to Mr.Gunasekhar Reddy who also stays and works in Mr.Prasad’s farm near Madanapalle.

My visit to his farm started with meeting my uncle Mr.Prakash who is a resident of Madanapalle. Actually my reason for meeting my uncle was to borrow his bike but a 5 minutes meeting extended to a 3 hour long talk with him on wide range of aspects like agriculture, ayurveda, vastu…etc which was very interesting and after the meeting he voluntarily came along with me to visit Mr.Prasad’s farm.

On the way I happen to see a hospital named Madanapalle Sanatorium and I was amazed to observe the change in temperature or weather as I passed through this hospital and I enthusiastically asked my uncle the reason behind the climate change. As per history a British queen suffered from a major ailment(asthma) everyday for which she hadn’t found any treatment approaching many doctors in her kingdom. As a queen she had the habit of going for a voyage once in a while and camp in places during her voyage. The queen camped in a place near by Madanapalle and miraculously her ailment disappeared on that particular night and the ailment returned when she went back to her kingdom.Having been astonished she went back to camp in the same place and the ailment vanished again for that particular night.With her astonishment, the queen inquired with the local kings who revealed her that Neem trees and the air from it were the secret of her cure. After this incident the queen planted more Neem trees and even built a hospital which is named as Sanatorium and this was the reason behind the change in temperature when I passed through Sanatorium hospital. Neem,Tulasi,Bilva…etc are some of the wonderful herbs gifted by nature to this beautiful country.

My google search revealed that Americans are already on the way to sell big on Neem and I don’t wonder if they would patent on this and sell it back to us soon in some processed product.

Now coming to Mr.Prasad’s farm. Earlier Mr.Prasad used to be a fertilizer based farmer but with the same old story of chemical based farmers he was also on search of alternatives and found Mr.Palekar in 1990’s.Recently Mr.Gunasekhar Reddy joined him in 2004.Mr.Guna was a well paid software engineer working for an MNC in UK and one fine day he left all together and came and settled in Madanapalle to do practice natural farming and also implement some of Rajiv Dixits theories. Mr.Guna is an inspiration for people who are engineers or so called modern educated people who waiting to get into farming.The farm is like a laboratory where the land is divided into different squares and each square is being experimented with different 5 layer models suggested by Mr.Palekar. For the first time I have seen paddy grown with very less water (like Cherkady Ramchander Rao) and as a mixed crop along with root based vegetables,sugarcane is grown in palekars method with less water and more yield and lemon grass is grown which is used for making perfume in wine industry. The farm is a must visit for any palekar’s 5 layer model enthusiasts.

I am also posting a bhoomi putra episode taken about prakruthi vanam(my apologies for people who doesn’t understand Telugu)

Rainwater harvesting is also being practiced at the farm there and a no of naturally grown grains by farmers in this area and many products like shampoo’s,phenol,oils…etc are manufactured here by local natural techniques and the difference between these products and products available in market can be clearly noticed.

I post some of the photos taken at Prakruthi Vanam and I should apologize to my viewers for very few photos due to lack of battery in my mobile.

Water Harvesting Structure

Water Harvesting Structure

Water Filtering tank

Water Filtering tank

Five layer model-view 1

Five layer model-view 1

5 layer model view 2

5 layer model view 2


I attended a Greenhouse course in December which I have been pending since a long time for publishing so my next post would be about the greenhouse course which I attended at NIPHT.

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10 thoughts on “Prakruthi Vanam-A farm by Mr.Prasad and Mr.Gunasekhar Reddy

  1. Avi

    Hi Gowtham..waiting for your greenhouse blog..i have certain questions regarding them.Thanks Avi

  2. sandhya

    Did you revisit the farm to see the difference

  3. Hi Sandhya….I couldnt get time to revisit the farm to see the developments since I am very occupied these days but would definitely be exited to revisit his farm sometime again in the near future…..

  4. Narasimha

    Prakash, Kiran and Myself visited the Prakruthi Vanam yesterday. We spend about 5 hrs there – it is certainly good place to visit and see how they do they grow the grains Naturally and manufacture products as well.

    We also spend some time with Guna in the Farm there and he explain his purpose of coming back to India, details about products manufacture there.

    Next time we are planning visit there with Families.

    • Good Narasimha garu….hope it was a good learning for u guys…..There are many natural farmers in Chittoor District and I would request you to plan a visit to them also so that you would get more information about natural farming


    I would like to visit ur farm.

    • Madhavi garu…Owing to my job in Bangalore my farm is currently taken care by nature….Hope I would go there oneday and once it is developed I would be very happy to show you around. I have many natural farming friends in south India. Please let me know where you belong to and I will connect you to the near by natural farmer.

  6. Gayathiri

    Hi Gowtham, Great to know. Any natural farmer near Bangalore or Hosur ?

  7. Sivakumar eddy

    please help me out on this to where prakruti vanam is located, i want to visit.

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